‘Game Of Thrones’ and FAT LOSS..?? You Must Be Kidding…!

‘Game Of Thrones’ and FAT LOSS..?? You Must Be Kidding…!

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What “Game Of Thrones” Has To Do with FAT LOSS?

Well, Here is something they say about the swords made up of “Valyrian Steel”

“Careful.. Your Grace.! Nothing cuts like Valyrian steel.”

―Grand Master Pycelle to The King Joffrey

In this Mythical Series of HBO, The Valyrian steel is shown as a form of super extra powerful fantasy Steel. When this Steel carved into various sharp bladed weapons like swords, Axe, arcs with arrows, etc,.

They claim that the light weight, super strength, razor sharp edge steel remains so sharp for Entire life time of almost 200 years of the steel without Rusting..!!!.

The last part above the image is really related with “Fat Loss”

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I want to bring your attention to especially this line From THE GAME OF THRONES:-

“Light Weight and Super Strength”

Forget about their imaginary theory whether so called Non rusting Steel exists or not… 

One thing is a FACT and TRUTH that THE Plant called “Valerian Root” exists since centuries in few of the countries in Asia & Europe..!!

‘Valerian Root’ or ’Valerian’ is very common & well known Medicinal Herb used in Treatment of Blood Pressure, Insomnia and Anxiety Since more than Hundred Years.!

How is it related with Fat Loss..?

  • This herb has a powerful positive effect on entire Nervous System, especially Oil extracted from this herb’s leaves.
  • Almost 121+ helpful chemical components are notified till date in this small little herb. A small complex herb but yet it has never shown any harmful side effects to human body.
  • As it is naturally grown herb, it is easy to have inside the house.
Valyrian Plant
  • You can Easily Grow this herb in your garden. Even you can put it in your window deck and it shall grow easily.
  • Here is the technique to prepare Specially powerful Tea with the herb..!!!! Just pluck 4 to 5 leaves or take a 4-5 inches of stem from the herb and put it in your boiling water, include 1 tspn tea powder and let it boil for another 5 minutes..!!

Valerian Benefits on Fat Loss:-

  • The Tea Prepared from Valerian Stem has Proven calming effect on your entire body. It stimulates your  Nervous Systemprovokes your Brain to produce such chemicals that takes control of stress and worries and eradicate them amazingly 
  • Studies have proved that these Enzymes helps in keeping us free from worry and removes our mental, physical and emotional stress very fast.
  • Once your central nervous system is relaxed your brain works very powerfully on relaxing the muscle groups. It relaxes the strain of the body which is automatically acquired by us due to various stressful issues, exercise, or your routine life style!
  • It gives you a super cool sleep in night as it has proven fact since hundreds of years especially.
Valyrian Tea
  • It has the sedative effect natural way due to the valepotriates and the isovaleric acid which makes your body lighter & relaxed at granular muscle level.
  • Muscle Relaxation brings the faster growing power back hence fat burning speed automatically increases tremendously.
  • Studies have proved that it keeps your mood fresh entire day if you take 2 to 4 cups of Tea made from Valerian root.
  • The root of Valerian is frequently used in European medicinal strategies especially as an antispasmodic due to nervousness and for uterine cramps and menstrual agitation.
  • It helps relieve dys-menorrhoea,  very beneficial in rheumatic pain & migraine. It could also be applied as a treatment for cramps and other muscle tensions. The herb is also used as a tranquilizer for people experiencing emotional stress..!

Today, Thousands of people have the problem of Obesity, Excess Fat, various problems due to excess of weight & difficulty in sleeping and the researchers are spending billions of dollars to invent new therapies, but they don’t look closely at what nature has blessed us in form of this wonderful, small, magical & powerful herb called Valerian Root. 

Here we are ready for YOU to finally get the flat belly and slim body you’ve been dreaming of (and which you DESERVE) without ever feeling like you’re “dieting” and without ever even stepping foot in a gym..

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